Meet Our Team

Genevieve “Resources did exist, but people didn’t talk about them and what did exist was hard to find for someone in my position.” Read more Katie “I hope this site will provide you with much-needed resources in managing mental health challenges in an environment that values perfection and competition.” Read more Lisa D. “The advice, … More Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team: Lisa D

I envision the AMHC website as a resource that will help grad students struggling with mental health concerns to feel less alone. The advice, ideas, and certainly the stories that will be shared here showcase the fact that many of us have struggled (some more than others) on our journeys through grad school. … More Meet Our Team: Lisa D

Meet Our Writers

Kim “I want to provide support to those who remain in a system that often fails its brilliant own, so I’m excited to join the AMHC and work with an amazing team towards healthier academic culture” Read more Sara “Stigma about mental illness remains pervasive in our society, and I’m honoured to be part of … More Meet Our Writers

Meet Our Writers: Sarthak

My name is Sarthak, and I’m a recent PhD graduate, currently on a career path in the science communication industry. My academic and research background delves into the depths of exercise, nutrition, and metabolism. I enjoy studying how lifestyle behaviors (i.e. diet and physical activity) influence our physiology and overall health. I also target these … More Meet Our Writers: Sarthak